Tet (Lunar New Year) is one of the most celebrated festival in Vietnam. It's the time for gathering, redecorating houses and enjoy the beauty of spring season. However, it is not so much fun for a lot of construction workers as they have to rush finish building houses.

We made a short film to tell a story of a dedicated father who thought he had to be away from his son in the Tet holiday, until things took an unexpected turn. As the story unfold, the short film sent the message "Everybody has a home to look forward to. If we all care for each other, everyone can have the chance to enjoy a peaceful Tet".

Brand: KOVA Paint & Waterproofing

Campaign: Xây điều khó, dựng điều vui

Creative Director & script writer: Steph Huyen Bui

Director: Lâm Tấn Huy

DOP: Nguyễn Phát (Kisidon Nguyen)

Project type


Art Direction

Short film

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