In 2020, ERI International Clinic introduces a new range of Innovation Treatments. These treatments carter to a wide range of skin issues (skin cleansing, hydration, acne, pores, anti-aging, whitening, wrinkles, facial fat), body fat reduction, vagina rejuvenation, helping women of all ages to be confident and beautiful in their own skin.

We create a series of stories from 3 different women, each has their own journey of success. What are their secrets to maintain work-life balance and keeping up with such youthful appearance? What do they all have in common?

Featuring: Thao Nhi Le, Lan Phuong & Thu Huong

Creative Director: Steph Huyen Bui

Copywriter: Binh Nguyen

Art team: Ayty Pham

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Creative Strategy

Creative Direction


Advertising Campaign

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